Redsis Corp and our highly trained personnel is committed to bringing our customers products of the highest quality. We are proud to operate our company under a complete quality program dedicated to a continuous improvement process.

ISO 9000


ISO9001 is a compendium of procedures that cover the main processes our company, providing a set of standardized requirements to maintain and improve the quality management system, allowing our organization to satisfy customer’s expectations and facilitate continual improvement. This is a worldwide recognized standard. Bureau Veritas is our certifying association.



ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) is a serious issue in solid state electronics, this kind of materials can suffer permanent damage when subjected to voltage variations. At Redsis, initial and yearly ESD training certification is required for all personnel in the supply chain who handle or have contact with any electrostatic discharge sensitive items; IPC (Assotiation Connecting Electronics Industries) is our certifying association.

IBM Blue Seal


The Blue Seal is a document of specifications and regulations which must be accomplished by companies that have a contract with IBM Corporation. It focuses on repair, testing, cosmetic validation, barcoding and packaging standards for used or new parts. It is a strenuous quality standard which we abide by. IBM certifies companies that are in compliance with aforementioned regulations.



D&B is the world's leading source of business commercial information, enabling companies to decide with confidence. This certification allows potential partners to get important information about Redsis, including our business credit history.

US Federal Contractor Registration

US Federal Contractor Registration

US Federal Contractor Registration is a third party that assists small companies in getting registered to do business with the federal government, dealing with clients, building a proper profile to make it possible for government agencies to find and pay these businesses for their services.


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