Sector Reader


RG1700MFSSR - 13.56 MHz standard RFID

RG1700MFSSR is an user configurable Mifare sector data reader. It can be configured to read Mifare card with MAD1/MAD2 standard in a Mifare application open system, or can be configured to read the user-defined sector data (Non-MAD) in a user defined closed system.

Output interface can be configured as an RS232 output,or Wiegand output or MSR ABA TK2

RG1700MFSR also can be set with a Reader ID number for multi-unit communication

  • Possible to be installed on metal surface
  • Supports MAD1/MAD2 standard and customer
  • MAD-AID setting
  • Supports Non-MAD format with user-defined sector number
  • Supports Multi Sectors
  • Reads Mifare Standard 4K or Mifare Standard 1K card
  • Sets Reader ID number for multi-link application
  • Three output interfaces: Wiegand (Default), RS232 and MSR ABA TK2
  • Wiegand output is selectable from 26 bits to 128 bits
  • RS232 output packet can be set with Header
  • Reader ID and trailer
  • Internal LED and buzzer are configurable
  • Weather resistant
  • Also available with stylish wood housing



  • Access Control System
  • Time attendance
  • Guest registration system
  • Academic service
  • Information service



Power Requirements 7.5 ~ 24 Volts * A linear regulator is recommended
Interface Wiegand 26 bits ~ 128bits Selectable RS232, MSR ABA TK2
Card Type Mifare MF1 standard cards for 1024 / 4096 bytes
Maximum Reading Distance Up to 50 mm with MFA01 card in ideal conditions
Frequency 13.56 MHz standard
Card Format MAD1 / MAD2 Card format MAD1 / MAD2
Audio / Visual Indication Internal LED and Buzzer
Dimensions 83 x 47 x 16 mm
Housing Material ABS
  • Operating temperature 0 °C ~ +60 °C
  • Operating relative humidity 10~90%