PCI EPP Plus Keyboard


RS2599ZTME - 65 keys Metal EPP

Optional Model

  • RS2599HZTME
  • RS2599EZTME
  • RS2599KZTME


  • PCI PED Certification
  • Customized layouts
  • Perfect combination of 65-key standard keyboard and PCI EPP
  • Support DES, triple DES algorithm
  • PS/2 or USB standard keyboard interface
  • PIN keypad RS232 or USB2.0


Financial Equipment Ticket vending machine, automatic vending machine, self-service petrol terminal
Public Equipment 2", FSTN, 128 x 16

Performance Standards

  • ISO13491, ISO9564, IBM3624, ANSI X9.8, ANSI X9.9, ANSI X9.19


Model RS2599HZTME PCI 1 x Certification
Model RS2599EZTME, RS2599KZTME PCI 2 x Certification


Key Lifespan ≥ 3,000,000 times
Key Activation Force 2 ~ 3 N
Key Trip ≥ 0.45 mm

Standard keyboard

  • 65 Standard keys
  • Water-proof, dust-free and vandalism-proof
Communication Interface PS/2, adding adaptor and change into USB 1.1 interface


  • 16 keys
  • Water-proof, dust-free, vandalism-proof, prevent from tamper drilling, penetration, dismantling, audio monitoring and replacement
  • Encrypted keys and other sensitive data are self destruction when tamper attack
  • Sensitive data can be securely kept for more than five years with power-off

Encryption process

  • PIN encryption, MAC and algorithm, data encryption and decryption

Environment adaptability

Protection Level IP65 (Key sufrace)
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +60°C relative humidity 20% 95 % RH
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +70°C relative humidity 20% 95% RH
Atmospheric 60 ~ 106 Kpa
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