RK13688CEP - 87.5 x 91.5 mm Metal EPP


Size 87.5 x 91.5 mm
Color Stainless steel
Net Weight 0.7 Kg
Gross Weight 0.9 Kg
Certificates PCI 3.0

Product Details

  • Multi-layer key management system
  • Customizable layouts(Support braille layout(partial) or legend keycap(optional))
  • Support side-bar functional keypad
  • Shake-proof, pickproof, drill-proof, bombproof
  • Standard WOSA drivers and DEMO
  • Support MAC, DES and Triple DES
  • Fine #304 stainless faceplate, harden aluminum baseplate
  • Black treated, brushed, sand-blasting and Teflon faceplate(optional)
  • Support braille layout(partial) or legend keycap(optional)
  • Front load or rear load screw or pin planting optional
  • Water-proof and dust-free(IP65 certificate)(optional)
  • Whole unit passed FCC,CE and RoHS certificate

Product Configurations

  • Digits, “×”, “o” and “|” key paint and embossed with braille(optional)
  • “5” with a protrude dot
  • All letters and digits can be etched with high adhesive color paint
Base Plate Die-casting aluminum back cover
Key Top Clear legend and character etched or/and embossed
Surface Treatment Of Keyboard Enclosure And Key Top Base Plate Sand-blasting surface treatment
Side Bar Function Keypad 2 x 4 side bar functional keypad (option with LED backlight)
Special Function For low vision and eyesight handicapped people
Key High quality #304 stainless steel key

Product Specifications

Key Press Life 2 millions
Key Press Force 3 ~ 5 N
Key Press Travel 0.45mm
Working Voltage 5V DC
Interface RS232 or simulated RS232
Operation Power Consumption Working status, currency max not exceed 200mA, RMS power less than 1W
Operational Life
  • Operational lifespan > 10 years
  • Battery > 5 years (Without external power supply)

Physical Characteristic

  • Anti-Peak, anti-listening, anti- dismantle, anti-drill and anti-exploding
  • Most secure special security chip
  • With anti-attach box
  • Secure reliable power-down protection device
EPP Invasion Detection Function
  • Dismantle the enclosure
  • Dismantle the encryption module
  • Drill on any part of the PIN pad
  • High-low temperature threshold
Detect The Invasion Will Result In The Following Response
  • The main key which is used to encrypt the working key will be erased
  • The working key which is used to encrypt the user PIN will be erased
  • Erase the user data in the memory
  • Erase the program in the memory
  • The device will be lucked

Logic Characteristic

  • Well managed key management system
  • Complete and handy API lib and test program
  • Support up to 2k size data MAC algorithm
  • Less than 1 second for the MAC operation in 3DES with 512 bytes of data
  • PIN encryption operated in security module
  • Support PIN BLOCK: ISO9564-1 0
  • Drivers for Windows NT/2000/XP/Linux (optional)
The Algorithm Supports
  • DES/3DES applying ECB/CBC encryption and decryption
  • DES/3DES MAC algorithm
  • DES/3DES PIN encryption

Environment Adaptability

  • Dust-proof, water-proof and shockproof
Operation Temperature 0°C ~ 70°C
Storage Temperature -30°C ~ 125°C
RH Up to 95% (NC)