LCD Signature Pads


RT2462KALSP - 112 x 33 mm Signature PAD Active Electromagnetic

RT2462KALSP is a rugged, durable signature capture system with LCD screen for public-access and kiosk-mount applications. RT2462KALSP mounts to a surface with no exposed cables or fasteners, and the pen is connected with a high-stress tether. The LCD can also be used to display text and graphics from the host computer and pen-tap hot spots allows users to navigate between multiple screens and forms, inputting information or checking preferred options. Software suite is bundled at no additional charge for a complete electronic signature solution.

Sensor Type Active Electromagnetic
Pen Type Active Energized
Dimensions 6” x 3.8” x 0.70” - 152 x 97 x 18 mm
Signing Area 4.4” x 1.3” - 112 x 33 mm
Data Conversion Rate 377 points per second
Resolution 410 true points per inch
Support Updates are provided free of charge
Authentication Capability Forensic-quality. SIG data capable of examination and authentication with SigAnalyze software (Option)
Bundled Software Developer’s Tools, ActiveX, Java and J2ME, C++, .NET, Tablet PC, Unix/Linux, Plug-Ins, MS Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Applications and Utilities, SigPlus Adjust, SigTool Imager, SignMeIn, Verification, SigValid, SigCompare, SigAnalyze