LCD Signature Pads


RT2755LSP - 112 x 64 mm Signature PAD Active Electromagnetic

The RT2755LSP Systems is a versatile electronic signature capture system with integrated electronic display. The LCD shows ‘electronic ink’ under the pen tip in real time as a users signs, for an easy, natural signature experience. The display also supports interactive text, graphics, and pen-tap ‘hot spot,’ allowing users to read agreements and navigate between data screens before signing. RT2755LSP boasts the additional value of powerful bundled software tools and support, including ActiveX, Java and J2ME, C++, and .NET development tools, plus MS Of Adobe Acrobat plugins for the capture, encryption, formatting, and secure processing of signatures.

Sensor Type Active Electromagnetic
Pen Type Active Energized
Dimensions 7.25” x 6.1” x 1.56” - 184 x 155 x 40 mm
Signing Area 4.4" x 2.5" - 112 x 64 mm
Data Conversion Rate 377 points per second
Resolution 410 true points per inch
Support Updates and support are provided free of charge
Authentication Capability Forensic-quality. SIG data capable of examination and authentication with SigAnalyze software (Option)
Bundled Software Developer's Tools, ActiveX, Java and J2ME, C++, .NET, TabletPC, Unix/Linux, Plug-Ins, MS Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Applications and Utilities, SigPlus Adjust, SigTool Imager Plus, SignMeIn, Verification, SigValid, SigCompare, SigAnalyze