Anti-vandalic Phones



The Handset with 3.5mm TRS audio jacks features our high-quality handset assembly equipped with two 3.5mm TRS audio jacks (also known as stereo jacks). The handset is constructed of durable ABS plastic combined with a high strength stainless cord and steel lanyard. Available in 24", 32" (standard) and 18" or 52" (optional) cord lengths. Microphone availability includes Carbon, Electret, Dynamic and Noise-Canceling. Ideal for use with most applications which require 3.5mm TRS connectors.


Standard Receiver Yes
Available Microphone Types Std. Carbon (default), Electret, Dynamic, Nose-Canceling (Electret or Carbon-compatible)
Handset Handle And Cap Material ABS
Wiring Four 24 gauge Teflon insulated wires (2 for receiver, 2 for transmitter), with 3.5mm TRS connector (aka 3.5mm stereo / audio jacks)
Armored Cord Assembly 304 Stainless Steel, Interlock style. Inside Diameter, 0.250", 6.350mm. Outside Diameter, 0.329", 8.357mm. Linear Pull Test Load, 1000 lbs., 454 kg
Includes Steel Lanyard Which Is Anchored To Handset Handle Steel lanyard has a pull test load of approx. 550 lbs, 250 kgs.
Available Cord Lengths 24", 32" (standard), 18" or 52" (optional)
Other Components lanyard block retainer; anti-rotation wedge; transmitter holder; blue rubber grommet to seal handset/cord connection

Standard Receiver

DC Resistance At 20 Digress C 145 ± 15 ohm
Frequency Response Range 300-3400 Hz
Sensitivity 100 ± 2 dB at 60mv
Impedance 150 ± 30 ohm at 1 KHz