Weight Conveyor Unit


Our Unique integration is based on this particular unit attached to our Weight Conveyor Unit and State of the art Software that provides an EASY to USE dimensional and weight Solution.

Weight capacity of 60, 150 or 300Lbs are a few of the Options available. Been able to measure up to 48” @ 28” high in less than 1 sec, provide fast response and less loose time to the operators. Automatic and manual Operation modes are available. Require NO especial Alignment. Connection to a PC over the network with static IP or DHCP. No additional software is needed and we will provide a file export tool to provide you with a up to the minute database access. Its performance, ease of use, abilities and truly competitive price put it well ahead of the competition units.  As an added bonus, captures an image of the package which can be stored and viewed if needed to resolve customer and carrier issues.


  • SPEED AND ACCURACY: Parcels are dimensioned more accurately and faster than manual measurements, eliminating the risk of human error. In an industry leading 0.2 seconds, NTEP Certified dimensions are calculated within 0.2 inches of accuracy. Irregular-shaped packages like cylinders, spheres, tubes, polybags and uneven shapes are dimensioned within an NTEP Certified 0.5 inches of accuracy.
  • DATA MANAGEMENT: As a network device, take advantage of the simple, open-web service API to interface to third-party software programs and capture dimensions, weight and an image of the item storing data of each shipment or receipt of product.
  • EASY SETUP: ready to function as soon as you connect it to a power source. With all necessary tools and components included, assembly is quick and operator training is minimized. When connected to a network via DHCP or static IP, the embedded firmware provides access to additional screens and configuration parameters—no additional software installation is required.
  • OPERATOR DISPLAY: With the standard operator display already attached to the frame, setup and operation is simple.
  • VERSATILITY: Use the standard automatic operating mode to instantly scan a parcel when it is placed in the target zone. Improve process time and efficiency with virtually no special alignment or special handling.
  • CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY: innovative sensing technology and 3D imaging work together to optimize time and throughput for boxes, flats, polybags, tubes and irregular shaped packages.

Standard Features

  • Calculates NTEP Certified dimensions in 0.2 seconds.
  • Displays dimensions, weight and image of static items with included USB operator display.
  • Quick assembly—includes all necessary hardware and tools.
  • No PC interface required to set up, configure or manually enter dimensions into third-party software.
  • Optional PC connection available with provided Ethernet cable. Communicate directly over a network via static IP or DCHP.
  • Interfaces with most NTEP Certified shipping scales

Technical Specifications

Physical Dimensions
Lenght 60”
Width 28”
Height 83”
Weight 75Lbs to 275Lbs Based on Accesories
NTEP Certified Measurement Ranges
MEASUREMENT MIN. (In) MAX. (In) Division
Lenght 5.6 48 0.2
Width 5.6 28 0.2
Height 2.4 28 0.2
Power Requirements:
Single power source 110-240 V external power supply
Object Colors:
All opaque packaging; some variances may occur with glossy surfaces or shrink wrap
Measurement Surfaces:
Level tables, scales, roller balls and roller conveyors. The background should have a contrasting color for items to be dimensioned. Avoid over polished or glossy surfaces like stainless steel weight platters and flat black paint for best performance
Operating Temperature:
41° F to 104° F (5° C to 40° C)
Mechanical Environment Class:
Electromagnetic Class:
I/O Ports:
(1) USB type A port (interface to scale)
(1) 10/100/100BASE-T Ethernet port (interface to PC)