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Connectivity Solutions and Data Centers

We apply best practices using high-quality products to design, build and keep the data center available and efficient. We also understand that sometimes you need to work with what you have on hand. We deliver flexible, robust and cost-effective copper and fiber infrastructure solutions according to your current infrastructure that can be upgraded for better performance in the future. Manage and optimize your network and connectivity, so that your data center can offer the best possible performance.

Logic Wiring

Applying current regulations and taking into account the concept of convergence, which allows the integration of the various applications that are currently required during installations.

Access control

Proximity and RFID access, facial, fingerprint and vascular pattern biometrics, turnstiles for pedestrian access, vehicular barriers, door automation, license plate reading access, visitor control, time and attendance.

Turnkey projects

Planning, installation and start-up of electrical, network, logical cabling and fiber optic projects. Equipment sizing and feasibility. Includes civil works. Commissioning and after-sales support.

Optical fiber

With multi-mode and single-mode link types, in installations: aerial, underground or indoor, which are terminated in the field and pre-connected from the factory.

Adaptations and Construction

We improve existing facilities that grow in an unscheduled way, with difficult administration, maintenance, growth or modification of Your infrastructure.

Data centers

The first action for retailers is to create an incredible in-store experience that is captivating, unique, and smart, enriching the overall consumer shopping experience.

Electronic security

CCTV, Access Control Systems, Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems that provide security to Your facility.

Links Certification

Certification service for copper and / or Fiber Optic links.