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Energy Solutions for the Datacenter and the Industry

Energy supply is the key for the operation of our IT infrastructure; its efficiency is a decisive factor of competitiveness. Technology development hand-in-hand with your raw material provisioning structure, the design and deployment of the solution determine your business evolution. The impossibility to store it required that supply be equal to demand every time instance; for that reason, it is key to match its production with the investment decisions, its generation, or its distribution.

Internal Distribution

We implement electric cabling systems for the supply of regulated and non-regulated energy, and lighting, for the operation of your infrastructure.

Sub-stations and Stations

We design and implement the physical infrastructure and necessary equipment to give you an optimal, safe and reliable electric energy (power) supply.

Grounding (earthing)

Electrode systems, conductors, inspection and connection terminals, are the grounding point that deflect fault currents, keeping life and the physical infrastructure of your installation.

Backup Source

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Electrical Generators, Battery Banks and transfers, capable of giving continuity and power quality to your installation.

Discharge Shielding

Minimize lightning-related risks so that they are received by the System, protecting the physical, human, and environmental resources of your installation.

Consulting and Design

We are able to provide support in the design and the specialized technical advice for your installation to meet all local and international norms and regulations.

Fires and emergencies

Detection and Extinction Systems


Advice, design, supply and installation of fire detection and evacuation systems. Sound amplification in emergencies; smoke, temperature, gases and flooding detection.

Automatic Extinction

Specialized extinction for: Datacenters, files, electrical rooms, libraries, operating rooms, deposits of chemicals, and other confined spaces, with the usage of the clean agent NOVEC 1230.

Technical support and warranties

Structured cabling