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Wireless Networks and Mobility

The true networks that are able to drive your business objectives providing flexibility and dynamism are the systems that are able to adapt to your organization’s requirements. Keep at the forefront of the communication networks with advanced, scalable, secure, simple and reliable solutions, capable of allowing the analysis of your data that are in continuous growth.

Get secure connectivity, performance and security for any application; in the most critical and demanding network environments, in all business types and any segment or industry.


Find routers for all network types and sizes. Our Cisco DNA-ready routers accept any application.


Our network switches offer you a Cisco DNA-ready network base that is simple, automated and secure.

The BYOD, cloud and virtualization trends are being determinant for your business; it is key to use platforms and infrastructures that optimize your network and improve your users’ connectivity.

Access Points

Obtain greater mobility, update your wireless network and get more speed and reliability for your critical applications.

LAN comptroller

Centralize the configuration and administration of your wireless Access Points with security, and gain flexibility.

Know the fragmented security solutions and simplify your network with the protection, visibility, control and flexibility guarantee in your system infrastructure environments based on information technologies.

Next-Gen Firewalls

Block, stop, and mitigate threats quickly, getting greater visibility of the events in your network.

Protection against Advanced Malware

Detect, track, contain and block malware, with global threat intelligence and prevent vulnerabilities.

Real-time Intrusion Prevention

Detect and stop threats combining visibility, security intelligence and automated analyses.

Collaboration solutions

People working as a team get results

Client service

Offer personalized omnichannel experiences that satisfy clients.

Unified communications

Unify all voice, video, data and mobile applications for collaboration.


In the cloud or in situ, collaborate anywhere more securely.

Do you work in the same way than 10 years ago?

The way in we work has changed; HBR, the consultant, interviewed enterprise leaders from all over the world about the change in the way to collaborate within the organizations.

54% is investing in easier-to-use collaboration solutions.

64% discloses that collaboration with persons external to the organization each time more important.

72% says that communication amongst work teams is the key in the last.