Order Fulfillment Services


Order Fulfillment Services

What are Order Fulfillment Services? Your company sells products and should not have to focus on efforts in warehousing, picking, distribution, and receiving goods, managing inventory, and all the logistical hassles of the fulfillment area of your sales. Redsis can help. We have 15,000 SQ FT warehouse in Miramar, FL, with an agile third-party logistics (3PL) team that can help you receive, pack, label, store, and ship your product to your customers.

Included services

  • Discounted shipping rates
  • Receiving photos
  • Order Inventory / Management
  • Access to software
  • Secure site
  • Global shipping

Value added services

  • Kit and assembly services
  • Labeling and ticketing services
  • Repackaging and damage handling
  • Product testing and quality management
  • Gift message printing

Additional services

  • Container Unloading
  • Special Projects
  • Minimum Pick and Pack Fee
  • Special Packaging Materials