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In enterprise-class disk

Designed to offer extreme performance, no-compromise availability, and maximum integration with enterprise systems. The enterprise-range disk-systems family, IBM DS8800, optimizes operations and increases client service capacity with a hybrid storage solution. Count on 24/7 availability support and extreme functionality for replication in multiple datacenters and offers native integration with IBM z Systems, IBM Power or distributed systems, all these in a high-density package with expansion capacity.

Contribute to accelerate decision-making with greater efficiency

Provide excellent enterprise continuity with 24/7 data access in transaction processing workloads of an elevated demand level where data integrity is critical.

Improve enterprise efficiency by reducing operating expenses

Manage the increase of enterprise data with three times more capacity in the same physical space for storage consolidation, and high-demand workloads and data volume.

IBM DS8800 family accelerates your mission critical

You have more than simple reasons to select it as your critical data storage solution: Extraordinary performance for the most important enterprise applications, such as on-line transactions processing, and real-time operating analyses. Additionally, take into consideration that you are optimizing for extreme performance with High-Performance Flash Enclosure Gen2.

Advantages of enterprise-class Disk storage solutions.


Integration and exceptional reconciliation

Adapt with numerous server platforms, thanks to the special integration with the IBM z Systems and IBM Power server platforms.

High Availability

Get operating continuity without compromises

Apply the exceptional soundness and extraordinary enterprise continuity to the critical applications in the most demanding processes of your business.

Protection and Warranty

Extend the Business Care Portfolio

Activate the Enterprise Choice Warranty from one to four years for hardware and the advanced functions that offer magnificent opportunities to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).