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IBM Power Servers

IBM Power Systems offers servers built with open source technologies and designed for your company’s essential applications. Current enterprise leader demand servers designed for big data that are optimized, secure and that adapt to the changing workload requirements.

When data-intensive workloads are the desired result

It the time to design your own server; deploy a modern data platform that supports new applications and the frees next-generation analytic capacities. Allow us to help you configure a solution. If there is anything sure about the future, is that there will be more complexity, more data to manage, and greater pressure to provide instant results. The hardware you buy must comply with the current expectations and must prepare you for anything coming in the future.

Advantages of IBM Power9

IBM Power Systems, developed for cognitive computing, offer greater performance, reliability and cost reduction for your business.

The new POWER9 server family offers 1.5 times greater speed than the predecessor POWER8, in addition to being the only processor with NVIDIA NVLink, PCIe Gen4 and OpenCAPI.

Greater bandwidth of E/S vs X86

Greater performance per core vs X86

Larger RAM supported vs X86

Greater memory bandwidth vs X86

Prepared for the Cloud

IBM Power Systems offers cloud infrastructure and management solutions with exceptions performance, agility at corporate level and reliability.

Unlimited virtualization

IBM® PowerVM® is the unlimited server virtualization. Companies are adopting the PowerVM server virtualization to consolidate several workloads in few systems, increasing the server use and reducing the cost.

We reinvented the infrastructure

From the processor and server hardware architecture, to the software support and services, we reinvented the infrastructure for the artificial intelligence (AI) era.

IBM Power9 flavors


The future of the UNIX platform is TODAY

The UNIX operating system is scalable, robust and based on open standards for the Power Systems AIX® architecture; it constantly provides a safe high-performance environment throughout its history always delivering positive business results to the clients.


Turn-Key OS for your applications environment

It is an integrated platform that allows flexibility and reliability thanks to its robust architecture, exceptional security, and enterprise resilience. Implement enterprise applications and convert the operating cost into an investment opportunity.

Linux on Power Systems

Open and industry standard

It is an open operating system built by the open source community, that accelerates the processing speed and the bandwidth and incorporates security. Use its simpler implementation and management to quickly create new environments to test functionality.

Benefits of IBM Power9

Designed to support business applications with a larger amount of data

Cost-effective and with high economic flexibility

Simplifies management in the cloud without compromising the system or the flexibility

Security incorporated from the processor to the operating system

Higher performance proportion

Timely reaction to the capacity demand available in processors and memory.