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BackData: Backup of Workstations

Our cloud-backed Workstation Backup Appliance provides you with a reliable solution to safeguard your valuable information. Data recovery is simple and can be done at any time.

Reliable, automatic and permanently supported

The operation console and included reports permanently show you the backup status of your stations, just a click away. Your information in the backup is private, protected with an encryption key that only you know.

The backup of your stations is automatic each time a station connects to the network, with local copy on the Appliance for quick recovery and cloud copy for a second copy of data away from the main site.

We take care of the operation of the Appliance and solve any situation with our permanent monitoring service, support and maintenance included so that you do not have to worry about those details.

Backup of stations to measure

Appliance available in 3 sizes:

Size Appliance TB capacity Stations included in base Maximum workstations Initial cloud storage (TB)
S 8 25 160 1
M 16 50 320 2
L 24 80 490 4

Base capacities estimating an average consumption of 100 GB per station with a compression level of 50GB

Monthly billing for consumption

The service is billed monthly like this:

Monthly value = Base Value x Number of stations
Optionally add cloud storage: GB consumed in cloud * GB value

BACKDATA Appliance

Lenovo server hardware.

Backup software VB&R Ent Plus.

Cloud backup and initial cloud storage.

Supported workstations with operating system:

Microsoft Windows

  • Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, 10 de 32 / 64 bits

Linux with Kernel 2.6.32

  • Linux with kernel 2.6.32 for Debian 8-10.4, Ubuntu 14.04 – 20.04, CentOS 6.0-8.2 / Oracle Linux 6-8.2 / RHEL 6 – 8.2, Fedora 23 – 25, OpenSUSE 11.3 – 13.2, OpenSuse Leap 42 and SLES 11 SP2 – 15 SP1, 32/64 bits. In general the file systems of these distributions are supported except BTRFS, exFAT, Reiser4, UFS, ZFS and NSS. Backup on clustered computers is not supported.

File System

In general all file system of these distributions are supported except BTRFS, exFAT, Reiser4, UFS, ZFS and NSS, however the backup of clustered machines is not supported.

The service includes:

Predefined backup policy.

Advice on configuring backup policies for particular situations.

Connection to our Help Center with 7 x 24 monitoring for cases of attention to hardware and system operation.

On-site support for appliance hardware support situations.

5 x 8 telephone support in solution to doubts and operation of the system.

Weekly report on the status of the platform and backup status of the stations.

Backup operation:

Option of full recovery copy of the protected computer.

Backup of specific volumes (disks or partitions) or individual folders.

Backup operation programmable to run automatically on a set schedule. If the computer is turned off during the backup time, the backup will be performed immediately on the next computer startup.

Backup activation option to be activated in specific events: when the user secures the computer; the user leaves the session (log off); an external storage medium is connected to the equipment.

Backup options can be combined.

For laptops disconnected from the network, the backup is performed in a local copy that is then automatically transferred to the Appliance, once the equipment is connected to the office network where the Appliance is.

The information is copied to the cloud once a week, with a complete copy, applying data de-duplication and compression, bandwidth control and the “wan acceleration” option to optimize internet traffic.

In case of recovery:

You can start the operating system from the appliance and use the Veeam agent for Microsoft Windows and standard Windows tools to diagnose and correct problems.

Restore directly to a new computer (in case of full computer backup).

Restore backup data to the original location or to a new location.

BACKDATA Benefits: BackUp of Workstations

On-site appliance for local copy

Optional – automatic cloud backup for off-site copy

Backup status reports

Monitoring, support and service included

Monthly billing

Automatic backup of Windows and Linux workstations