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Data backup and recovery

Avoid manual, repetitive tasks with an efficient backup and recovery management. The backup of your critical data is always a key IT operation function. However, the complexity of current systems, inclusive in few-server enterprise environments makes it difficult to comply with the task; on top of this, there is the growing number of administrative assignments and tasks.

For Multi-platform Servers

Enterprise solutions in any platform

Veeam® Availability Suite™

Leverage IT investments in server virtualization, modern storage and the cloud to help organizations meet the current service-level objectives, allowing the recovery of any IT service and the associated applications and data, in minutes or seconds.

Benefits of the Data Backup and Recovery solution

Veeam Availability Suite combines the industry-leading backup, restore and replication functionalities of Veeam Backup & Replication™ with advanced monitoring, report generation and capacity planning of Veeam ONE™. Veeam Availability Suite offers all you need to assure and reliably manage your VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, providing a high-availability Datacenter, thanks to the following functionalities:

  • High-speed recovery: Fast recovery of whatever you want, anyway you want it.
  • Avoid data loss: Low RPOs and simplified disaster recovery.
  • Availability of ALL your Applications.
  • Guaranteed recovery of each file, application or virtual server all the time.
  • Data leveraging: low-risk implementation with a testing environment similar to the production environment.
  • Full visibility: Problem monitoring and notification before an operating impact is produced.