We are Redsis

A global company focused on the information technology business, with 20+ years of experience in the design, supply, installation, and support of information technology solutions.

Our Mission

Promote sustainable growth, by transforming ideas into successful technological projects, using innovation and quality, with an inspired and reliable human team.

A Vision

To consolidate our leadership and to grow in Information Technology services in Latin America.

Redsis has been in the market 20+ years, meeting the needs of industrial, commercial, services, financial and government sector companies.

Currently, its business lines are:

  • Software and hardware infrastructure: High-performance servers, next generation storage systems, virtualization technologies, and “Software Defined Data Center” solutions. An innovative portfolio to attend IT needs customized to the clients.
  • Consulting and specialized services: Specialized professional technical services in the market’s major computing platforms; consulting and delegated management services in IT environments and help desk and first-level technical support.
  • Energy and connectivity: Supply and installation of data center solutions such as: design and construction; structured and electrical cabling; cooling (refrigeration) and thermal isolation systems; fire protection systems; closed-circuit television and access controls.
  • Retail / eCommerce solutions: Focused on solutions that improve the way our clients connect to their clients; this unit offers mobility solutions, points of sale, self-service and IT Kiosks, and retail trade solutions (Retail); logistics (Supply management); health, education and hospitality.
  • Digital Transformation and Business Process Management (BPM): Secure Data Governance (Managed file transfer); Enterprise Content Management (Enterprise Content Manager); unified collaboration; applications streamlining, automation solutions (RPA and BPA), are some of the solutions focused on improving our clients’ business processes.
  • IT-as-a-service solutions: Our portfolio extends to private and public clouds offering multi-cloud environment management and integration solutions, as well as solutions-as-a-service (XaaS), which include cloud continuity (BaaS and DRaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).

We are Values

Continuous Learning

We grow and are better to do the best. We develop and strengthen a transforming attitude with the capacity to make proposals.

Pasion for Service

We love what we do, and focus on exceeding expectations.


We seamlessly align what we think, feel and do. This implies an assertive communication. Before externalizing it, we make sure it has lost any possibility of harming others.

Respect for the Difference

We accept each other as a legitimate other in coexistence. Instead of assuming, we ask ourselves what moves the other to behave the way they do.


Merging of the being and the doing in processes to generate quality and reliability. We do what is right even if no one is looking at us.


We agree upon a sense of team vision. We start from the premise that no team member is worth as much as the sum of all members.

Quality Policy

The experience of skilled and trained talent is our most valuable asset; we have ISO 9001 standard quality certification in ALL our business’ critical processes.​