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In Tape (backup and archived)

Have available high performance, availability reliability and enterprise mass storage capacity, data archiving, disaster recovery, and security copies for your business. Take the best result from your investment in the tape storage to give reliable protection of your data and their long-term preservation.

Enjoy a full array of tape storage solutions that include units, self-chargers, and tape libraries that, together with the specialized software make tape to be as easy to use as a disk.

Get scalability, durability, security and energy efficiency at a significantly lower cost that the other media.

Advantages of the Backup and Archiving solutions

Why use tape storage?

Tape storage is a synonym of economy for archiving your data. With the tape storage solutions, you get a scalable solution, durability, security and energy efficiency at a much lower cost than that of other long-term storage systems.

Combine tape and disk storage

Access to the advantages of integrating tape storage, combining its functionality to its data storage systems in disk, flash and software-defined into one sole, low-cost solution.

Greater capacity and speed

Smaller security copy windows and fast retrieval of data with virtual tape. Discover how tape storage provides considerable improvement in the increase of native capacity of each cartridge and a greater native performance.