Warranty Policies

The “Depot” warranty is attended at Redsis facilities in the city of Bogotá and covers damage attributable to manufacturing defects during the coverage period. To initiate the process, the client has to send to Redsis (Bogotá) facilities the part subject to a warranty request. Within this agreement, the client authorizes the billing of the initial diagnostic of the part, element, or solution at the rates in force and effect for the years under course. This charge is generated if it is determined that the damage corresponds to an event not covered by the warranty. The warranty for manufacturing defects for the equipment Redsis offers is 1 year and it is 90 days for replacement parts and refurbished equipment. The warranty starts to operate upon the physical delivery of the equipment, parts, elements, or solutions to the client. Service is rendered during working hours, Monday through Friday; no service is provided on holydays. The warranty is forfeit if the equipment does not bear the original serial number label, or if it is manipulated by personnel not authorized by Redsis. Once the equipment is received, Redsis shall proceed to open an incident, perform an initial diagnosis, and determine the service modality.


The equipment is in the coverage period and shows no signs of mistreatment, misuse or damage by external agents.

Extended maintenance

At the moment of negotiation, the client engaged one or two additional coverage years and the equipment shows no signs of mistreatment, misuse or damage by external agents.

Chargeable service

The equipment is not covered by warranty or extended maintenance; or if the equipment shows signs of mistreatment, misuse, the use of incorrect or bad-quality inputs, or damage by external agents, Redsis sends an incident report including the value of the initial diagnosis, parts and labor. Once the client approves the repair, Redsis proceeds to repair the equipment. If, on the contrary, the client does not want to proceed to the repair, Redsis will invoice the value of the initial diagnosis.

Repairs are performed at Redsis facilities and, once performed, the client will be notified. The transportation of the parts shall be borne by the client during the entire process.