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IT Outsourced Management Services

We provide permanent specialized attention to the management of the platform with efficiency, and the performance of operating and administrative tasks on the equipment and environments remotely and securely and, above all, releasing your personnel or equipment from extra burdens of operating, cyclical or repetitive tasks.

Personnel and experience at your service

We attend incidents or petitions with skilled talent and certified experience on the associated requirements and oriented to compliance with service levels with quality and effectiveness in the IT solutions from our portfolio. We establish a relationship model with the purpose of facilitating communication with your clients and carry out adequate follow-up and service control.

We support

More than support

Always a step beyond traditional IT support

When the needs for hands and specialized knowledge are evident, we offer our clients the external administration service of their computing platform: Servers, storage system, backup and recovery, high availability of systems and communication networks.


Flexibility and efficiency at your reach

The IT infrastructure external support and administration services are provided at the client premises or their external datacenter, with their own hardware and software infrastructure. Our tasks are limited to the administrative and operating management of the computing platform and does not include the management over the client’s software applications (ERP, CRM, mail, etc.).

Service Model

Service model – Outsourced Management

This service is based on a model of processes according to best practices proposed by ITIL. A model that reflects the process necessary to guarantee continuous improvement of the service and always supported in the specialist areas of the company.

Multiplatform and mission critical environments