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Customer Help Center and Technical Service (CHC)

The Customer Help Center is a communication and personalized attention channel whereby we provide post-sale support services and first technical assistance to our clients and companies in general. Our services are rendered through contracts we call “Support Agreements” or through support on demand for those clients with no agreements in force and effect.

We offer specialized technical professional services to attend incidents in the hardware and software platforms covered. We also offer delegated management services and business process outsourcing.

In Customer Service portal do your report or query, in real time, the status of your service requests.

Support Agreements

Hardware and Software Service and Support

This service provides our customers all the knowledge, capacity and experience of specialized personnel that provides support work in the management of solution-related products and give immediate or scheduled attention to events, problems or random incidents.

Managed Services

Management and Attention Managed Services

Administration and external support to the IT infrastructure, operating and administrative work management in the equipment and environments remotely, through the console to each organization service while it assures service quality levels, improves productivity and reduces costs.

BPO Outsourcing

Business process subcontracting

Also known as business process outsourcing (BPO), which resorts to the subcontracting of business process functions with service providers, whether internal or external to the company, which are assumed to be less expensive or more efficient and effective.

  • Hardware infrastructure
  • Operating Software
  • Middle-Layer Software
  • Administration Services

Attention to Warranties

Business process Sub-contracting

Have on hand the information of the part or equipment subject matter of the call (date of purchase, part number, serial number, etc.)

• Call the local toll-free number 018000119966; write an e-mail note to servicio@redsis.com or log in the Clients’ Self-service portal

• Or visit Redsis’ client support WEB page: http://servicio.redsis.com/HEAT/

• The client must provide the final-user description of the fault presented. If applicable, document with logs, pictures, videos, etc.

• The Client Help Center (CHC) validates the information and determines the type of service: (Warranty from Redsis or from the manufacturer, Extended Service, Chargeable Service), de according to each case.

• The Client Help Center (CHC) opens an incident and a case number is assigned, and notified to the client.

• The Client Help Center (CHC) manages and follow-up the incident until it is closed.