Frequently Asked Questions

Retail equipment warranty

All new equipment has a period where all faults generated by a manufacturing defect of one or more components are repaired at no cost.

    • DEPOT – Warranty offered at Redsis premises. The client must take and pick up the equipment at the designated service centers.
    • ON SITE [In situ]- Warranty offered at the client’s facilities. The client opens a warranty call and Redsis serves the warranty in situ.
    • MANUFACTURER – Warranty given by the equipment manufacturer according to the terms and conditions each of them has published.

The client may engage service level agreements in addition to those offered in the standard warranty.

For any maintenance modality, the following process must be carried out:

  • Have on hand the information of the part or equipment subject matter of the call (date of purchase, part number, serial number, etc.)
  • Call the local toll-free number 018000119966; write an e-mail note to
  • Or visit Redsis’ client support WEB page:
  • The client must provide the final-user description of the fault presented. If applicable, document with logs, pictures, videos, etc.
  • The Client Help Center (CHC) validates the information and determines the type of service: (Warranty from Redsis or from the manufacturer, Extended Service, Chargeable Service), de according to each case.
  • The Client Help Center (CHC) opens an incident and a case number is assigned, and notified to the client.
  • The Client Help Center (CHC) manages and follow-up the incident until it is closed.

Whenever the equipment or component is intervened by personnel that is foreign to Redsis. The equipment may not be intervened in any fashion without the express and written authorization from Redsis. Any non-authorized intervention is a causal to lose the warranty. Additionally, if the equipment shows signs of misuse, mistreatment, or damage by external agents, those are causals to immediately lose the warranty.

Wear elements that are exhausted by the normal use of the equipment and that must be covered by the client as supplies.

When the damage presented is not related to a manufacturing defect of one or more components that stop operating.

  1. The client must follow the process to open a request for warranty / maintenance.
  2. The repair center receives the equipment and diagnoses whether there was misuse, mistreatment, or damage by external agents. The client is notified.
  3. The repair center sends a quotation including the cost of the part or parts to be replaced and the diagnosis and repair cost.
  4. The repair center repairs the equipment once the client authorization is received.
  5. If after 72 hours the repair center does not receive the authorization to repair, it proceeds to return the equipment.


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How can I get information about license, warranties and maintenance for IBM products? Follow the instruction on the screen.

Supermicro Servers

The following process must be followed for any of the request modalities:

• Have on hand the information of the type and serial number of the equipment subject matter of the call. (See sticker with information on the front part of the machine)
Machine type: GQ55
Serial number: 123456

• Call the local toll-free number 01 - 8000 – 917758; then dial option 2: If you are not a client on behalf of the US Federal Government, dial option 5: Supermicro Equipment Support.

• The client must provide the final-user description of the fault presented. If applicable, document with logs, pictures, videos, etc.

The Supermicro equipment warranty is rendered at the client facilities in the cities covered under this modality (see coverage table), and applies for damage attributable to manufacturing defects of the equipment that is within the warranty period purchased. Within the agreement, Redsis – represented by IBM de Colombia – will service in the cities with local presence with no transportation cost. In the cities with remote service, the technician shall move from the city stipulated and the client authorizes the invoicing of the transfer costs at the rates in force and effect for the current year. In any of the cases, the client approves the initial diagnosis of the solution and the charge thereof.

Definition City Coverage Duration
Main cities Barranquilla, Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Cali y
24 / 7 service is provided 4 hours after the call 3 years
Secondary cities Armenia, Cartagena, Cúcuta, Ibagué,
Manizales, Montería, Neiva, Pasto, Pereira, Sogamoso, Valledupar y
5 x 9 and service is provided the following business day 3 years
Other cities There is no time of service defined. Subject to additional costs of personnel movement. N/A

The warranty in parts for manufacturing defects in the Supermicro equipment that Redsis offers is 3 years. The warranty starts upon the physical delivery of the solutions at the client’s premises. Service is rendered during business hours, 8:00 to 18:00 Monday through Friday; no service is provided on holidays. The warranty shall be serviced at the client’s facilities, provided that they are located in the cities included in the city coverage table. The warranty is forfeit if the equipment does not have its original serial number label, or if it is manipulated by personnel not authorized by Redsis.


IBM has several specialists for POST-SALE support. Call the LATIN AMERICA SUPPORT LINE: 018000917758 (COLOMBIA)


- Software

Client’s ID Number at IBM. Operating System version + patches. Product version.

Product configuration. – Configuration files. – Environment variables. – Installation routes, files, etc. - Permits.

Operating system logs.

Product logs.

Error description. - Screenshots. – Detailed error report.

To know information about support for Oracle products (Hardware and Software), visit

You can apply for Solutions from Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions and Lenovo
You can see warranty policies for IBM products here/a>

Procedure to place a hardware support ticket for clients who have a hardware maintenance contract in force and effect:

If client does not have a maintenance contract and the equipment is out of the warranty period, you can:
In Google, search for “notice letter” and the Mod Type of the equipment; the information available with the product will be seen amongst the results.

If you can request a PerCall service, you will be asked for the type (4 digits), the serial, name of contact person, telephone, electronic mail, and address where the equipment is.

In Bogotá call +57 1390 1000; in Cali: +57 2 485 0495; in Barranquilla: +57 5 385 3064 or throughout Colombia 01 8000 917 555. You must have access with the Company user registered (every company purchasing equipment has one), and create a ticket. To see valid contact options click here

To use the tool, you must previously register with your corporate e-mail in this page. The process takes less than one hour during business hours. To know telephone contact information and open a ticket for technical support click here

If once the ticket is opened, the service takes more time than expected (4 hours approx.), the client may escalate via telephone requesting the Call Dispatch (the person attending the call at IBM) to be contacted with the Stand-By Coordinator, or in extreme case, with the Manager on Duty. (YOU must have on hand the ticket number received from the Web tool or the telephone operator)

You may request attention for your case paying per hour.

Contact the Management Center and Redsis client help center to get an offer.

To obtain support directly from the manufacturer, access to and complete some simple steps to gain access to the tools and resources necessary to obtain adequate support for your EMC products.

To obtain support directly from the manufacturer, access to and follow the instructions on the screen.

To obtain support directly from the manufacturer, access to and follow the instructions on the screen.

Declaration of limited warranty for Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions products. See document in Spanish here.

See general warranty site here.

Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

Applications for licenses for products in IBM I environments are channeled through REDSIS S.A.S., since we are IBM partners in Colombia.

You can automate functions such as backup copy, data restoration and archiving, all these by centralizing the data management operations.

You have to validate whether two important files do exist and/ or are saved as recently as possible: devconfig and volhist. They must be copied on the same location of the TSM server configuration file dsmserv.opt; in addition, also there must be a recent backup copy of the TSM database.

Backup and recovery copy infrastructure costs are reduced up to 38%.


Cloud computing is a computing strategy that leverages the efficient creation of shared-resource repositories of self-managed and on-demand virtual infrastructure consumed as a service. Sometimes, it is also known as cloud computing (utility computing).

Clouds provide a set of computers, normally virtualized, that can offer users the capacity to start and stop servers, or use processing cycles only when needed, typically paying only for the resources consumed.

Distributed Resource Scheduler automatically balances the processing load amongst all ESXi hosts in a resource cluster.

This process guarantees that virtual machines and the hosts operate at maximum efficiency.

VMware vSphere® vMotion® enables live migration of virtual machines in execution from a physical server to another without downtime, with constant service availability and integrity of the whole transaction.

vMotion allows creating a dynamic, automated and autonomous-optimization datacenter.