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You can see warranty policies for IBM products here/a>

Procedure to place a hardware support ticket for clients who have a hardware maintenance contract in force and effect:

If client does not have a maintenance contract and the equipment is out of the warranty period, you can:
In Google, search for “notice letter” and the Mod Type of the equipment; the information available with the product will be seen amongst the results.

If you can request a PerCall service, you will be asked for the type (4 digits), the serial, name of contact person, telephone, electronic mail, and address where the equipment is.

In Bogotá call +57 1390 1000; in Cali: +57 2 485 0495; in Barranquilla: +57 5 385 3064 or throughout Colombia 01 8000 917 555. You must have access with the Company user registered (every company purchasing equipment has one), and create a ticket. To see valid contact options click here

To use the tool, you must previously register with your corporate e-mail in this page. The process takes less than one hour during business hours. To know telephone contact information and open a ticket for technical support click here

If once the ticket is opened, the service takes more time than expected (4 hours approx.), the client may escalate via telephone requesting the Call Dispatch (the person attending the call at IBM) to be contacted with the Stand-By Coordinator, or in extreme case, with the Manager on Duty. (YOU must have on hand the ticket number received from the Web tool or the telephone operator)